Mighty Action Heroes

Get mighty with Mighty Action Heroes – a real-time multiplayer third-person Battle Royale! Relive the best action hero moments of the decades with 100s of battles, 1000s of P.A.R.T.S, and 10,000s of heroes!

  • 10,000s of action heroes inspired by the best of Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong cinema, and beyond!
  • An accessible game that’s easy to pick-up but has a high skill cap to support elite-level competitive play.
  • AFK Missions to earn additional rewards while you go about your daily life
  • A unique durability and rarity system that mimics the real-life collector’s mindset
  • Commitment-free pick-up-and-play accessibility, with no need for any sort of cryptocurrency or NFT knowledge to get started
  • Community-driven development that will allow the most engaged and loyal fans to shape Mighty Action Heroes’ future