A New Kind
of Games Studio

In 2016, a group of games industry veterans joined forces to build a development powerhouse in Singapore. Brought together by a shared vision, they set out to form a new kind of games studio: one committed to employee wellbeing, their region's ecosystem, and making players around the world smile.

Butter Royale

Have the food fight of your life in Butter Royale, a multiplayer battle royale game, and be the last one standing on Butter Island. Face off with 31 others in fast-paced food battles with the help of sauce-slinging, baguette-blasting modified kitchen tools!

Industry Quotes

"A stellar time with your iPhone..."

Harold Goldberg
Washington Post

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"Games that can restore your faith in humanity..."

Todd Martens
Los Angeles Times

Industry Quotes

"Best video games to help you socialise while self-isolating"

Keith Stuart
The Guardian

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"Butter Royale takes the genre in a different direction on Apple Arcade"

Andrew Webster
The Verge

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"Butter Royale Is The Cutest Battle Royale Game You'll Play All Year"

Abby Espiritu

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"Mighty Bear dishes on Butter Royale for Apple Arcade"

Dean Takahashi

User Reviews

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Carol Bell
level 80 mage

Industry Quotes

"Singapore start-up Mighty Bear makes mighty leap into mobile gaming"

Lester Wong
The Straits Times