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Building a Heatmap for Mighty Action HeroesMighty Action Heroes is Mighty Bear Games’ first Web3 game — a real-time multiplayer third-person Battle Royale. More details here.Aim of the HeatmapThe game map (apart from being aesthetically pleasing and thematically consistent) was thoughtfully designed to meet various objectives such as:Facilitating all-hell-breaks-loose street fightsCreating opportunities for ambushAllowing strategic placement to capitalise on different weapon stylesOf

Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on UnsplashWhat’s up, managers?I’m back again, this time to talk about how my yoga journey has interwoven itself with my professional experiences to help me become a better manager.I started my yoga practice out of desperation in 2006, after suffering a spine injury from football that severely affected my lifestyle. I

In this two-part article I will try to identify some player motivations in games, and how catering to those can lead to increased player engagement and enjoyment. I’ll have some examples of this being done in existing games, and provide my thoughts on how you can incorporate support for such motivations in your own.I