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Video games have come a long way since the days of text-based adventures and pixelated graphics. Today, we have complex and immersive games that offer deep customization, intricate storylines, and stunning graphics.However, as we indulge ourselves in modern digital gaming, we took many aspects of well refined game mechanics and great UX for

Building community in web3 gamesPhoto by Ravi Palwe on UnsplashI’ve been a community manager for most of my professional career. I’ve spoken to people and managed relationships in the AAA & mobile game space, and outside of that! But nothing’s been quite as challenging as community management in the web3 space.Here are some pro-tips to help

Mergermarket Interview: Mighty Bear Games plans to financing round by year-end, considers acquisitions — CEOSingapore-based studio Mighty Bear Games (MBG) plans to launch a financing round in the fourth quarter of this year, and is considering acquiring, co-founder and CEO Simon Davis told Mergermarket.MBG, which builds next-generation, mobile-first multi-platform games, is targeting venture capital firms