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Working smarter, not harder with reactive codePhoto by Steve Johnson from PexelsIf you break it down, a game is really just a series of events that is executed in a certain order based on sets of conditions and input from players — and there are multiple ways we can manage this chaos using code.Photo by Bradyn Trollip on UnsplashWe

Are you more suited to working in games than you think?Photo by Andre Hunter on UnsplashHello! I’m Tifanie from Mighty Bear Games!With my art skills maxed out at stick-figure doodles and programming knowledge that goes as far as ‘Hello World’, you might wonder: What could someone who once briefly aspired to be a part of Les

Shaping your future as a Mighty Bear internPhoto by Andrew Neel on UnsplashStarting a new role in a new company is always nerve-wracking, not least when it’s as an intern. As someone who worked as a freelancer for years, getting the opportunity to join a company like Mighty Bear Games was a welcome surprise and

Building healthy habits as a game artistThe habits we develop as people and professionals have a significant effect on how we think, react, and feel — they help shape who we are, which in turn determines our path to success. Of course, success means something different to everyone, but all success requires building a better version

The 3 keys to success at Mighty BearOver the past couple of years at Mighty Bear we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what we value as a company, which traits our best and most successful employees display, and which behaviours lead to success in game development.We talk about these constantly. We’ve even

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on UnsplashThe make-or-break power of feedbackWhen working hard or to tight deadlines, it’s easy for any of us to fall into the habit of focusing solely on our immediate responsibilities and not communicating enough with our team. In these blinkered periods, we work on an individual task until we’re happy with

Game DesignAdapting your design doc for different readersPhoto by Akson on UnsplashOne major challenge that Game Designers face when working on design documents for new games, or for new features, is writing them with a particular audience in mind. I’m not talking about the target audience for the game itself, but about other stakeholders

Why spreadsheet plug-ins should be every designer’s secret weaponPhoto by Arif Riyanto on UnsplashHi there!This is my first MBG Medium article and I’m very excited. It’s only appropriate that for this occasion I start with something about which I am really passionate and have thought about… almost too much. Some have called it the greatest,