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The 3 keys to success at Mighty BearOver the past couple of years at Mighty Bear we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what we value as a company, which traits our best and most successful employees display, and which behaviours lead to success in game development.We talk about these constantly. We’ve even

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on UnsplashThe make-or-break power of feedbackWhen working hard or to tight deadlines, it’s easy for any of us to fall into the habit of focusing solely on our immediate responsibilities and not communicating enough with our team. In these blinkered periods, we work on an individual task until we’re happy with

Game DesignAdapting your design doc for different readersPhoto by Akson on UnsplashOne major challenge that Game Designers face when working on design documents for new games, or for new features, is writing them with a particular audience in mind. I’m not talking about the target audience for the game itself, but about other stakeholders

Why spreadsheet plug-ins should be every designer’s secret weaponPhoto by Arif Riyanto on UnsplashHi there!This is my first MBG Medium article and I’m very excited. It’s only appropriate that for this occasion I start with something about which I am really passionate and have thought about… almost too much. Some have called it the greatest,

Photo by Irene Strong on Unsplash3 toon-up tips to evolve your charactersA good cartoonist is one who can the extract the essential details of their subject matter and project them in a manner that delivers a greater or more heightened impact than the original. The goal, after all, is to create interest and attraction — but

Photo by israel palacio on UnsplashHow to flip the script for better data flowHere at Mighty Bear, we build online multiplayer games. Unity has remained our game engine of choice and we use Java coupled with SpringBoot as our backend. For every multiplayer project, the question that needs answering is: How will we be sharing

Photo by Joshua Newton on UnsplashPutting your ScriptableObject functions to workPreviously in Part One of our spawn doctor series, we talked about the basic data for setting up an enemy spawn using ScriptableObject as well as some additional visualiser components. However, from this point on in the process, there’s not as much happening on the

Photo by Crissy Jarvis on UnsplashThe Mighty Bear approach to privacy and player insightsGameplay analytics — a necessary, but often poorly executed, staple of any successful game.Having had some experience in Product Management with other game studios prior to my current role, I thought I knew analytics like the back of my hand. However, on joining Mighty