You after writing your first line of codeThis tutorial is part of a series. If you have not yet checked out our first part, where we cover the basics of scripting in Maya, do catch up first before continuing.All good? Let’s go!Our agenda for this article:Go through some common terminologyRevisiting the topic of functionsHow to print

Nothing beats good old pen and paper when it comes to ideation.Whether you’re someone new to UI design or a veteran with years of experience, striking a balance between good visuals and functionality can be a real daunting task at times.This is me on daily basis…In this article, I’ll be sharing my approach to daily

Animating for Games: 4 Tips for Success 1 — Cooking up ideas for Butter Royale: Ideation! Ideation is the single most important part of the process. Don’t settle for the first dose of inspiration, spend time refining your ideas. Once an idea has been refined enough, the direction for the animation will become clear. I normally do this by thinking

Coding in MayaIn this guide, I will be giving a very brief introduction to Python in Maya. This guide is suitable even for those without any knowledge in programming.PrerequisitesKnowledge in Maya/Maya LTMaya (Any version that has support for Python should work)In this part we will:Go through how we are going to code in Maya’s built-in Script EditorUnderstand

Introducing the “Zeitgeist Slides”!As a company in the business of fun, we have to make sure that we keep up to date with what our audience is enjoying. Although our office is based in a multicultural hub (Singapore), we still make a conscious effort to ensure our staff are on top of the

Avoiding common localisation pitfallsMost people are aware that developing any commercially successful game or software project requires quality localisation. Yet, localisation is frequently slapped on carelessly moments before release and teams are often overwhelmed by the amount of effort that goes into localising a game to a high standard.Localising well is hard. I

The CompetitionWe recently heard anecdotally that Mighty Bear has a reputation as a difficult place to land a job. This actually came as a surprise to us. We do have high standards, but the real issue is that most applicants rule themselves out with elementary mistakes at the very beginning of the application