Mental Health and the Games IndustryOver the past few years there’s been an increase in awareness around mental health issues and the effects of our working life on mental health. The games industry is by no means exempt from this, in fact I’d argue we’re one of the industries that has the most to

#bearforceoneHow it StartedWhen we founded Mighty Bear, I spent a lot of time speaking to other founders about their experiences and the most valuable lessons they learned. During one of these discussions, a founder spoke about how they wished they’d defined their company culture at the start of their journey. Their point being that

Slowly but surely, Bear Force One is growing! We would like to officially welcome our adorable new bears: 🐻 Sabrina, our Engineering Intern🐻 Sulaiman, our Technical Artist We still have openings for Engineers and Artists! Find out more at

We had a lot of fun hosting the friendly students from the University of Colorado Denver at our humble studio this morning! Thank you all for taking the time to visit us today and we hope that you enjoyed yourselves.🐻