Building community in web3 gamesPhoto by Ravi Palwe on UnsplashI’ve been a community manager for most of my professional career. I’ve spoken to people and managed relationships in the AAA & mobile game space, and outside of that! But nothing’s been quite as challenging as community management in the web3 space.Here are some pro-tips to help

Mergermarket Interview: Mighty Bear Games plans to financing round by year-end, considers acquisitions — CEOSingapore-based studio Mighty Bear Games (MBG) plans to launch a financing round in the fourth quarter of this year, and is considering acquiring, co-founder and CEO Simon Davis told Mergermarket.MBG, which builds next-generation, mobile-first multi-platform games, is targeting venture capital firms

Building a Heatmap for Mighty Action HeroesMighty Action Heroes is Mighty Bear Games’ first Web3 game — a real-time multiplayer third-person Battle Royale. More details here.Aim of the HeatmapThe game map (apart from being aesthetically pleasing and thematically consistent) was thoughtfully designed to meet various objectives such as:Facilitating all-hell-breaks-loose street fightsCreating opportunities for ambushAllowing strategic placement to capitalise on different weapon stylesOf