MotivationAn early Mighty stand-up at Bear Force ZEROEarly 2017, Mighty Bear was 7 people squeezed together on our CEO’s dining table working on the studio’s first game. The Engineering team was a small team of 3 and trying to build an MMORPG for mobile. Communication at that time was easy, we were working on

Photo by Campaign Creators on UnsplashIn my previous article I detailed some of the steps I take when preparing for a meeting. This time I’d like to talk about the meeting itself.I’ll be covering two perspectives here — both the attendee and the meeting host or organiser, this meeting also crosses lines between meetings (idea-generating, discussions, planning)

Photo by Daniel McCullough on UnsplashHere’s the scenario.You’ve managed to schedule your first round of interviews with the company, the big day comes, you go for the interview.The interviewer asked questions, you answered them perfectly and the interview is going along smoothly.Now, it’s time for the Q&A section where you get the opportunity to

For my first Medium article I have decided to start with something a bit more dull yet undeniably important, especially in 2020: Meetings!Photo by You X Ventures on UnsplashIn recent years I have been regularly driving meetings of different kinds including planning, presentations, discussions and problem solving. There was a definite learning curve. I

Guide to Tool Development for GamesAn early version of a Houdini tool developed for creating pathsAs a technical artist, my main responsibility is to act as the bridge between the artists and the technical hurdles they may face in the art pipeline. This is so that they can turn their attention to the creative aspect

Butter Royale is our food fight-themed battle royale game that puts a family-friendly spin on this multiplayer genre. It was released on Apple Arcade earlier this year!We built this game in under 6 months and we would like to share the engineering’s team experience of it.What do we need to do?Based on experience from previous projects,

Audio is a critical component in video games, and often good audio feedback and immersive music and soundtracks can really add a lot to the game experience. But what about mobile games? Most people keep their phones on silent when they are out and the vast majority of mobile apps are muted, so