Author: Tom Smith

Starting a creative task from a blank slate can be daunting, especially when there’s a time limit involved.I understand now that this is very much based on the individual and the process which works for them, however I always felt like I’d have appreciated some basic insights when I was just getting started.Below are

Photo by Campaign Creators on UnsplashIn my previous article I detailed some of the steps I take when preparing for a meeting. This time I’d like to talk about the meeting itself.I’ll be covering two perspectives here — both the attendee and the meeting host or organiser, this meeting also crosses lines between meetings (idea-generating, discussions, planning)

For my first Medium article I have decided to start with something a bit more dull yet undeniably important, especially in 2020: Meetings!Photo by You X Ventures on UnsplashIn recent years I have been regularly driving meetings of different kinds including planning, presentations, discussions and problem solving. There was a definite learning curve. I