Author: Sulaiman Abdul Rahman

Guide to Tool Development for GamesAn early version of a Houdini tool developed for creating pathsAs a technical artist, my main responsibility is to act as the bridge between the artists and the technical hurdles they may face in the art pipeline. This is so that they can turn their attention to the creative aspect

You after writing your first line of codeThis tutorial is part of a series. If you have not yet checked out our first part, where we cover the basics of scripting in Maya, do catch up first before continuing.All good? Let’s go!Our agenda for this article:Go through some common terminologyRevisiting the topic of functionsHow to print

Coding in MayaIn this guide, I will be giving a very brief introduction to Python in Maya. This guide is suitable even for those without any knowledge in programming.PrerequisitesKnowledge in Maya/Maya LTMaya (Any version that has support for Python should work)In this part we will:Go through how we are going to code in Maya’s built-in Script EditorUnderstand