Author: Simon Davis

The 3 keys to success at Mighty BearOver the past couple of years at Mighty Bear we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what we value as a company, which traits our best and most successful employees display, and which behaviours lead to success in game development.We talk about these constantly. We’ve even

What we read to raise our game — and why it’s essentialWhatever it is you’re doing, there are usually people out there who have been doing it for longer, or have attempted something similar before. The best way to cut out decades of trial and error is to absorb their learnings and incorporate them into

Photo by Medienstürmer on UnsplashAt Mighty Bear we’re always looking for ways to help new hires feel at home. This makes sense for everyone: the more effective the onboarding is, the happier our new team members will be and the more likely they are to succeed. Everyone wins!In our experience, one of the worst parts

Mighty Bear 2020 Review: What We Did, What We Need To Do Better, What’s NextIntroductionEvery December we send a letter to our friends and investors reflecting on the previous year and sharing our thoughts and learnings. This year we decided to go a step further and share our thoughts with everyone.Photo by Markus Winkler

Disclaimer: This is written from a tech perspective, not all of this will hold true in other industries.We are currently living through an unprecedented and incredibly difficult period in modern history. Both from a wellbeing and financial standpoint we’re seeing untold suffering, with hundreds of thousands dead and millions of jobs lost with