Author: Olivia Ng

The Secret to Writing Awesome Meeting NotesPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on UnsplashThis is the first article in a new series dedicated to how you can improve your communication with colleagues regardless of your role, seniority, or trade.In this article, I’m going to be sharing some secrets to writing awesome meeting notes.If you’re anything like I was when

Photo by João Ferrão on UnsplashHi, I’m Olivia and I’m a Project Manager at Mighty Bear Games.If you had met me 15 years ago, you probably wouldn’t have guessed I’d end up a Project Manager, or be working in the games industry. Heck, even I wouldn’t have been able to fathom it. I’d been studying

Photo by Daniel McCullough on UnsplashHere’s the scenario.You’ve managed to schedule your first round of interviews with the company, the big day comes, you go for the interview.The interviewer asked questions, you answered them perfectly and the interview is going along smoothly.Now, it’s time for the Q&A section where you get the opportunity to