Author: Geir Ove Alnes

In this two-part article I will try to identify some player motivations in games, and how catering to those can lead to increased player engagement and enjoyment. I’ll have some examples of this being done in existing games, and provide my thoughts on how you can incorporate support for such motivations in your own.I

Game DesignAdapting your design doc for different readersPhoto by Akson on UnsplashOne major challenge that Game Designers face when working on design documents for new games, or for new features, is writing them with a particular audience in mind. I’m not talking about the target audience for the game itself, but about other stakeholders

Game DesignWhy one approach no longer rules them allThere’s no shortage of guides, tutorials, and other material in the annals of mankind’s collective knowledge (the Internet) that deal with how to become a game designer, and how to write game design documents. Countless resources are available to teach you the proper way to document

Game DesignA Gentle Introduction to AI — ContinuedPart two of an article about designing and implementing AI bots for a battle royale game released on Apple ArcadeIn the first segment of this two-part article about implementing bots for Butter Royale, I outlined the early design and how we arrived at an AI framework to use. This

A two-part article about designing and implementing AI bots in a battle royale game for Apple ArcadeWhen we were developing Butter Royale, some of the core requirements were to make the game available both online and offline, with players being able to get into matches in 30–40 seconds or less. Aside from the initial