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About Us

Making Games Without Compromise


We do what’s right, rather than doing what’s “easy” or obvious. We don’t follow the crowd, we forge our own path.


Execution over Perfection. We hold regular and frequent tests with our players to get the feedback we need to make games truly great.


We don’t micromanage. We tell people what we need, not how to do it. We give people the room to grow and provide them with the tools and space to work their magic.


We don’t care where you’re from or what you’re into. Everyone is treated the same regardless of seniority, background, ethnicity, or sexual preference.


Transparency and honesty build trust. We tell our staff the good and the bad. Only by having open and difficult discussions can we get the feedback, trust, and commitment we need to succeed.

Meet the bears

Simon Davis

CEO | Papa Bear

An industry veteran with experience working at King, Ubisoft, Bigpoint, AKQA, Empire Interactive, and Laughing Jackal, and one-time Develop Magazine “30 under 30” recipient (though sadly he’s now far too old to qualify). Simon oversees Business and Product Design at Mighty Bear.

Fadzuli Said

CTO | Techy Bear

Previously at King and Disney, Fadzuli is an ex-scholar who was once mentioned in a speech given by the Prime Minister of Singapore. These days he contents himself with ensuring our games run flawlessly on every device.

Benjamin Chevalier

Art Director | Arty Bear

Ben cut his teeth working on big franchises at Ubisoft, before going on to help develop Gameloft’s Vietnam art studio, big-name IPs for LucasArts, launching the startup Booster Pack, and eventually joining the others at King. Ben makes everything look beautiful.

Abel Tan

Producer | Bear-able

An ex-competitive gamer, Abel previously worked at Nonstop Games (before and after the King acquisition) as well as a number of independent studios in Singapore. Abel makes sure our games feel amazing, are fun to play and arrive on-time.

Khalid Sani

Lead Client Developer | Codey Bear

Prior to working with the rest of the team at King, Khalid worked for Nvidia and Mikoishi. These days, Khalid helps build our best features on client and server side, while squeezing in Legendary-level Hearthstone matches.

Gary Choo

Senior Concept Artist | Crayon Bear

Gary is a legend on the Singapore gaming art scene having worked at King, Booster Pack, and LucasArts, as well as having drawn for Marvel, among others. Gary creates the original concepts for the characters and environments in our games.

Shubham Goyal

Full Stack Developer | Techno Bear

Prior to working on the servers that power our games, Shubham worked on financial systems with fancy acronyms. He now listens to techno while writing the code that ensures our players have a connected, enjoyable, and memorable experience.

Melissa Tan

General Artist | Coffee Bear

A self-proclaimed coffee addict, Melissa has a strong foundation in 3D art. Melissa breathes life into all our games by helping make all concept art translate seamlessly from paper to game.

Morby Lin

Lead UI/UX Artist | Button Bear

With 10 years of mobile games and creative industry experience under his belt, Morby is the key personnel in Bear Force One that ensures a frictionless experience for all our players.

Andrew Ching

Senior Backend Developer | Some-Bear-Dy

Legend has it that in a previous life, Andrew appeared in a office without warning and started squashing bugs (or creating them, depending on who you ask). He has since adapted to just complaining about systems that don't work well - and fixing them.

Geir Ove Alnes

Game Designer | Meta Bear

Geir used to be an adventurer like you, but then he took an arrow to the knee and decided to give up that carefree meme lifestyle in favor of game design. Now he lives for spreadsheet formulas, design documents, and causing trouble for programmers through impossible feature requests.


Concept Artist/Animator | Potato Bear

Venty has tried her hand at everything from animating a Disney Junior show to taking charge of all 2D cutscenes in Masquerada: Songs and Shadows. As an experienced all rounder, she conceptualises, models, rigs, and animates the moving parts in our games so that they come alive.