Game Art Digest #013

Attention all upcoming (and experienced!) Game Artists — set down your easels and pick up your notepads!

Every week, the Art team at Mighty Bear Games share a round-up of our top Game Art discoveries from across the Internet: Tips, tricks, tutorials, references, and more!

Tech Art

Technical Art in Assemble With Care — Matthew Newcombe

Technical Art in Assemble With Care

In this article, Matthew Newcombe dives into the art style of Assemble With Care and how it developed over the course of the project.

Made by the creators of Monument Valley, this is a must-read for anyone interested in learning how their game’s technical art can contribute to a unique overall style.

Tips and Tricks

Creating a Game-Ready Character — William Paré-Jobin

Creating a Game-Ready Character in ZBrush, Blender & Substance

William Paré-Jobin takes to with an extremely detailed breakdown of his process behind creating a character using Zbrush, Blender, and Substance.

This article even offers tips on rendering a turntable, as well as a bonus section focusing on hair, which as most 3D artists know can be a nightmare!


Oil Pastel Drawing — Ohu Sia

This video by Ohu Sia doing a beautiful oil pastel drawing of a city skyline inspired our artist Morby to return to the medium:

“I really hated oil pastels when I was a kid in art class: it is messy and pretty hard to control. This video convinced me to try to pick it up again.” — Morby

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