Game Art Digest #008

Attention all upcoming (and experienced!) Game Artists — set down your easels and pick up your notepads!

Every Wednesday, the Art team at Mighty Bear Games share a round-up of our top Game Art discoveries from across the Internet: Tips, tricks, tutorials, references, and more!

Tech Art

Creating a Volumetric Ray Marcher — Ryan Brucks

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In this article, Ryan Brucks dives into the logic and mathematics behind creating a raymarching system. With these under your belt, you’ll be able to craft amazing volumetric effects like clouds and fluids!

VFX Graph GPU Event — hana100494

[VFX] Unity3D 'Visual Effect Graph' 4 : Trail 형태의 서브 파티클 생성하기 – GPU Event

In this blog post, we have a step-by-step guide to creating these mesmerising light FX in Unity’s VFX Graph using the GPU Event feature.

Do note that if you’re not fluent in Hangul, you might need to use an online translator.

Tips and Tricks

Insights into Ghost of Tsuhima’s VFX — Matt Vainio

How stunning visual effects bring Ghost of Tsushima to life

Ghost of Tsushima was, without a doubt, one 2020’s most visually breathtaking games. In this article, lead visual effects artist Matt Vainio breaks down how interactive effects played a part in crafting the game’s unique look and feel.


Claymation in Blender — Joe Daniels

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Animation Director Joe Daniels presents this “claymation” clip showcasing the Keymesh add-on for Blender.

With Keymesh, you’re now able to keyframe the mesh itself, making this the perfect tool for stop-motion-style animations.

You can find the add-on here.

To see more of Joe’s work, check out his blog!

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