Game Art Digest #007

Attention all upcoming (and experienced!) Game Artists — set down your easels and pick up your notepads!

Every Wednesday, the Art team at Mighty Bear Games share a round-up of our top Game Art discoveries from across the Internet: Tips, tricks, tutorials, references, and more!

Tech Art

Procedural Canyon — Milan De Laet

In this 2-part tutorial, Milan De Laet breaks down creating a canyon environment through the use of procedural softwares like Houdini and Substance Designer.

You can check out his work here!

Estimating Shader Cost — flashyiyi


This Chinese-language piece on shaders might mean paying Google Translate a visit.

That said, it’s worth taking the time: flashyiyi’s article is a brilliant guide to estimating the cost of your shaders, and even includes a few tips on what to look out for when writing them.

Tips and Tricks

Are your colors boring? Try this digital painting exercise! — Marco Bucci

Marco Bucci’s new video targets digital artists who feel blocked and restricted relying on “safe” colours in their work. He sets you an exercise that temporarily disregards the colour-combination guidelines you might be used to, helping you paint freely and without fear of straying from best practices.

The end result? You might just hit on a new approach!


Punch FX — Bertram Raahauge Jensen

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Here are some very cool punch FX made in Unity by Twitter’s@MrB_Jensen!

Follow him here for more stylish FX and shader showcases!

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