Game Art digest #1

Game Art Digest #1

Your weekly digest of exciting Game Art related content, curated by Mighty Bear Games

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Every week, within the Mighty Bear Games team, we share our most recent and impactful learnings — References, tips and tricks, tutorials, new tools, etc.

Tech Art

Painting a Selfie Girl, with Maths — Inigo Quilez

Inigo Quilez, co-creator of ShaderToy, breaks down his steps to creating this artwork using only mathematics and how he utilises techniques such as raymarching and SDF.

If you like what you see, do subscribe to his super educational Youtube channel.

And here’s the actual thing, running in Shadertoy!

Depth — Cyanilux


Game dev blogger Cyanilux gives us an in-depth(See what I did there?) look at depth and its use cases in game graphics.


App Fuel

App Fuel – The one-stop station for app builders

An amazing reference library of Onboarding, Upgrading flows, as well as UX case studies. A must read for UI/UX designers!

Game UI Database

Game UI Database

A database of UI as seen in over 300 games. Great site for UI artists to check out!

Tips and Tricks

How to use the Color Picker in MacOS as a standalone app — Fatima Wahab

How To Use The Color Picker In macOS As A Stand Alone App

Did you know that MacOS has a color picker tool?

This article is a guide on how to access and use it.


its water-@cheeezu

Check out this very cool stylised water by @cheeezu on Twitter.

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