Game Art Digest #002

Attention all upcoming (and experienced!) Game Artists — set down your easels and pick up your notepads!

Every Wednesday, the Art team at Mighty Bear Games will be sharing a round-up of our top Game Art discoveries from across the Internet: Tips, tricks, tutorials, references, and more!

Tech Art

Stylized Geometry Grass Shader for URP — AJTech

Ajay AKA AJTech has created this very in-depth tutorial into how to write your own custom grass shader for Unity’s URP(Universal Render Pipeline). Very useful especially if you are looking into learning how to write URP shaders in Unity.

Breakdown of the Tech Art Field —

A comprehensive diagram on the world of technical art, from the gamedev/tech art discussions in the biggest Chinese Q&A forum


Lazy Nezumi —

A great tool for illustrators, Lazy Nezumi assists the artist in drawing cleaner and smoother lines.

And if you are not sure about buying it, you can try it out with a 15 day trial for free!

You can learn more about the tool and get it here.


What happens when billion dollar companies attempts to rebrand their logo blindly? —Satori Graphics

In this short video, we get to see the basics of logo design and case studies of unfortunate rebranding. Every choice of font, colour and icon design matters!

Check out Satori Graphics for more videos on graphic design.

Tips and Tricks

Create powerful artistic compositions: 21 pro tips — Dan Dos Santos and Steve Ellis

Create powerful artistic compositions: 21 pro tips

In this article, Dan Dos Santos and Steve Ellis provide their tips on how to composite your artwork.

Check out ImagineFX for more on digital art.

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