January 2021

Photo by Hal Gatewood on UnsplashWhen I tell people I work as a Quality Assurance Tester in the games industry, I typically get three types of response:“What is QA?”; “Oh my God!”; and “Oh my God.”To answer the first question: A Quality Assurance Tester is primarily responsible for checking the product thoroughly, ensuring it meets

Game Art Digest #1Your weekly digest of exciting Game Art related content, curated by Mighty Bear GamesWhat is this?Every week, within the Mighty Bear Games team, we share our most recent and impactful learnings — References, tips and tricks, tutorials, new tools, etc.Tech ArtPainting a Selfie Girl, with Maths — Inigo Quilezhttps://medium.com/media/b30471295af2fe4151c458df4f0cc359/hrefInigo Quilez, co-creator of ShaderToy, breaks down his steps to

“Was it me or my pitch?” (Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash)Solid pitches are a key ingredient for success in any creative profession. If you can’t communicate or sell your ideas well enough, you will miss out on precious opportunities and your killer ideas will be cast aside, regardless of how well you’re